Creating a new garden is a large and challenging project in which many choices have to be made. It is important to know what kind of garden you want. An important aspect here can be the use of color. Colors have the power to influence moods, evoke emotions and create a sense of harmony. In this article we describe the role of colors in your new garden and how you can use it to create an attractive outdoor space.

The psychology of color in the garden

The use of color in your garden can have a major impact on the mood that your garden evokes. Colors have an effect on the person. For example, the use of warm colors such as red, yellow and orange can generate a feeling of excitement and energy, while cool colors such as blue, green and purple have a calming and relaxing effect.

When choosing colors for your garden, it’s important to consider the goal you want to achieve. For example, if you want to create a place where you can relax, you can choose cool colors such as blue and green. If you want to create an energetic atmosphere, warm colors such as yellow and orange are more suitable.

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Color choices for different garden styles

The choice of color in your garden also depends a lot on the garden style you have chosen. A romantic garden style is matched by soft pastel shades such as pink and lilac, while a modern garden style is matched by sleek colours such as black and white. Also when using pavement and furniture you need to take color into account. For example, a wooden terrace can match nicely with the warm colors of your flowers and plants.

If you find it difficult to choose colors for your new garden, you can consider hiring a professional landscaper or gardener. A good landscaper has experience in combining colors and materials and can help you make the right color choices.

If you live in Meppel and you want to create a new garden, it is best to have a garden by a professional gardener. Gardeners specialize in designing and laying out gardens and can help you create an atmospheric and harmonious garden. Whether you want a modern or a romantic garden, a gardener can help you choose the right colors and make your dream garden a reality.

The maintenance of colorful gardens

Colorful gardens often require more maintenance than gardens with less color. Flowers and plants sometimes need pruning and need regular watering. It is also important to remove weeds and fertilize the soil at the right times, so that your flowers and plants remain healthy and beautiful

To make the maintenance of your colorful garden easier, you can choose plants that require little maintenance. For example, there are many perennials that require little care and come back year after year. You can also opt for a mix of flowers and plants that bloom at different times, so that your garden remains colorful all year round without having to constantly prune and maintain.

Combining colours in the garden

Combining colors in your new garden can be a difficult but also fun challenge. It is important to choose colors that match each other and form a beautiful whole. A useful tip is to work with color palettes. For example, choose one main color and combine it with some matching colors. This ensures a balanced whole and prevents your garden from making a messy impression.

You can also work with contrasts. A nice combination is, for example, pink and purple, or yellow and blue. By using contrast colors you create a lively effect in your garden.