Make your bathroom homely – with stylish washbasins, a free-standing bathtub and spacious cupboards.

Bathroom furniture – a guide

High-gloss surfaces, elegant shapes, fine materials – modern bathroom furniture makes the bathroom homely.

Bathroom furniture provides the necessary storage space in the bathroom and brings order to utensils such as hair dryers, cosmetics and hygiene products. At the same time, in addition to sanitary objects, bathroom furniture is the heart of the bathroom and therefore all the more important for the design of the room atmosphere.

In addition to its practical use as an organizer, bathroom furniture also determines the style of the bathroom with its shape and material. A bath only in white – that was once upon a time. The choices range from organic shapes to geometric design. High-quality materials for bathroom furniture are wood, metal, glass and other natural products. Fine woods, but also leather and high-quality chrome have long been at home in the bathroom. Even plastics have made the leap to high-quality bathroom furniture, as they enable a variety of shapes for bathtubs, cabinets and accessories thanks to new processing methods, thus creating a homely look.

Shapes and materials for bathroom furniture

The bathroom and thus modern bathroom furniture, whether made of wood or any other material, has more functions today than it did a few years ago. We use it not only for personal hygiene, but also for wellness, communicative exchange and health care. Design is becoming more and more important. Due to this ongoing trend to make bathrooms more and more homely and luxurious, seating can now be found in many bathrooms as an extension of conventional bathroom furniture. Their exterior is increasingly based on furniture from the living area. After the bubble bath, rest a little bit wrapped in a towel and read? Yes please, preferably in a comfortable armchair.

Create a nice place to relax or go even further horizontally and set up a comfortable lounger or daybed as bathroom furniture. Many people dream of a private spa in their own homes, a place where they can regenerate. Accordingly, functionality and design in bathroom furniture have continuously grown closer together. This is not only about the bathroom furniture itself, but also about the clever use of materials such as wooden surfaces in combination with white ceramics or light that subtly influences the mood.

But cabinets, vanity units and mobile pedestals – the classic bathroom furniture – are also following the trend towards homely bathrooms. You have to think in terms of overall concepts. In addition to bathroom furniture, it’s no longer just about the washbasin, tub and toilet in the bathroom. Holistic concepts are based on people’s needs. And they want to feel like they’re on holiday at home, every day. This desire for a higher quality of life is clearly at the forefront of all changes in the bathroom.

Visually, bathroom furniture hardly differs from other storage furniture. And this despite the fact that they have to meet higher requirements in terms of workmanship and material, as they can withstand high humidity, for example. Particularly important for wooden bathroom furniture: Nothing should swell or warp with high-quality bathroom furniture. Therefore, for example, place a chest of drawers or a beautiful cabinet from other living areas instead of choosing all the furniture from a single source. This gives you additional storage space for towels and cosmetics. Open shelves as bathroom furniture function like a showcase for books, pictures and decorative objects.

How to make the bathroom homely

With a sophisticated room layout, you can turn the bathroom into a living paradise. That’s why you should use the whole room when planning your bathroom! Sinks & Co. do not necessarily have to be on the wall. Water pipes can be laid almost anywhere thanks to installation walls. An intimate niche for the toilet or a free-standing shower in the middle of the room – no problem!

The right lighting

No less important is a harmonious lighting concept in order to properly stage the bathroom and bathroom furniture and to create a homely atmosphere. Several dimmable light sources are recommended for the bathroom. A combination of different ceiling, wall and pendant luminaires makes sense. Particular attention is paid to the lighting on the mirror: The face should be illuminated as shadow-free as possible, which is best achieved with glare-free light sources positioned on the side.

Bathroom furniture and surfaces made of wood

Wood is pure nature, feels good and brings warmth to the bathroom. Despite the increased humidity, high-quality woods and wooden surfaces can also be found more and more often in the bathroom, because wood conveys a particularly homely character. In many cases, it is noble tropical woods, such as bangkirai or teak, that are used as bathroom furniture, as the woods are naturally insensitive to water. Attention: Unfortunately, some tropical woods often come from overexploitation.

But local woods can also be refined and optimized for use as bathroom furniture. For example, thermal ash for bathroom furniture is obtained from ash wood by heating it to over 200 degrees Celsius. Thermo ash not only has good properties against water, but also has a pleasantly warm brown tone due to the treatment. For example, beautiful and functional bathroom furniture made of local wood, such as larch or thermowood, is also possible without varnishing or chemical treatment – an increasingly important aspect in times of ecological design. In addition, it is not only resistant to water, but also to fungi and bacteria.

If you follow a few care tips, the bathroom furniture will stay beautiful for a long time. No wooden floor can tolerate stagnant puddles in the long run, so splashes and small pools should be wiped dry as quickly as possible. Water stains can be removed from oiled wooden surfaces by lightly sanding and subsequent maintenance. For the latter, as well as for long-term protection, greasy wood soaps and natural oils are suitable. These penetrate deep into the material instead of just forming a layer. Particularly hard woods are well suited for use in bathrooms because they are particularly resistant to moisture and easy to clean.

A classic alternative with a wood parquet look is offered by the “Nature Side” tile series from Villeroy & Boch. Oak and elm served as a model for the matt relief structure of the porcelain stoneware tiles. The tiles are available in four colours and two formats.