Discover the beauty gestures to have thinner thighs

Do you find your thighs too bulky and want to lose some volume? Certain massage techniques can help you. Let’s take a look at the different natural techniques for “Losing thighs”.

Palpating and rolling


The ancient technique of palpating and rolling consists of pinching and sliding a thick fold of skin between your fingers. To be effective, you have to grasp the fat cells deeply, which requires dexterity and is not very pleasant. This anti-cellulite massage drains and promotes microcirculation, hence its effectiveness in eliminating excess fat and firming your thighs.

The suction cup

The Cellublue anti-cellulite suction cup is inspired by the suction cups that have been used for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine to combat various pains or skin diseases. It is made from hypoallergenic medical silicone and reproduces the same effect on the skin as the palpate and roll technique used in a beauty salon to remove cellulite. To avoid bruising, always massage slowly from the bottom to the top on oiled skin.

The gua sha

A newcomer to our bathrooms, the Gua Sha is nevertheless an age-old tool in traditional Chinese medicine. Used regularly, it is excellent for activating blood and lymphatic microcirculation. This semi-precious stone tool, often made of quartz, must be used on clean and oiled skin to facilitate drainage.  Start from the bottom of your leg and work your way up your thighs. For a decongestant ice cube effect, you can place it in the refrigerator. This will increase its draining effect tenfold.

Creams slimming

We need to be honest, no amincating cream has managed to remove thigh grease and cellulite “only”.. On the other hand, the active ingredients in these creams can be beneficial, provided that the product is used properly. That is to say, it is the combination of the active ingredients and the application, the fact of massaging the thigh, that will give results.

Essential oils

In the same way, certain essential oils applied in massage (palpate rolling, kneading, cupping and gua sha) can promote the removal of fat and therefore volume loss. Grapefruit, cedar, eucalyptus menthol or lemon essential oils can help you in your slimming routine. You should mix them with vegetable oils, such as sweet almond oil, and then proceed with your massage. Your massages will only be more effective.

Institute treatments

If you are unable to massage yourself properly, and if you have the budget, head for the expert hands of an institute. There are different slimming techniques that allow you to lose centimetres thanks to professional protocols. Cellu M6, which reproduces the palpate and roll technique, lymphatic drainage, which stimulates lymph and the elimination of toxins, Coolsculpting, which eliminates fat cells by cold, and Lipocavitation, which destroys fat cells using ultrasound, are all very effective, provided they are done regularly.

A healthy lifestyle

We can never repeat it enough, if you want to lose centimetres you must have a healthy lifestyle. All of the above techniques will only be truly effective and sustainable if you adopt a healthy lifestyle alongside them. Drink plenty of water and herbal teas throughout the day to flush out toxins and drain excess water from the body that promotes fat storage. This will make your massages much more effective! Ban saturated fats (cold cuts, butter, etc.) and give preference to lean meats and green vegetables. Finally, of course, a sedentary lifestyle is the worst enemy of our figure. Run, walk or swim: in short, work your thighs to burn fat! From Zumba to aqua aerobics to running, there’s bound to be an activity you’ll enjoy. There are also free walking apps that can help you plan guided walking sessions: perfect for motivating yourself!